Program Notes: The Six Wives of Henry VIII

The Six Wives of Henry VIII

I love, loved, and loved would I be

My heart is in great mourning° Anonymous

Alone, alone, mourning alone T.B.

Pastime with good company   ° The kynge h viii

Love and war

Hunting Piet Swerts (b. 1960)

Alla battaglia° Heinrich Isaac

A consort of excellent musicke

Sermone blando William Byrd

Madame d’amours° Anonymous

The beauty of nature surpasses all art

The darke is my delight° Anonymous

English Nightingale Jacob van Eyck

Cuckoo°                                              Richard Nicholson


Love is strange

Ah the sighs° William Cornische

Love is strange Anonymous

Music, o heavenly gift, that turns and twists the mind

La mi Heinrich Isaac

Upon la mi re Thomas Preston

Endless sadnesse rules te world

Sorrow, come° William Wigthorpe

Puzzle canon VI Anonymous

Ye sacred muses° William Byrd

My heart is in great mourning,

My mind also greatly wailing.

-Alas, alas, what remedy?

My lady hath forsaken me.

Nov. 2011