La Donna Musicale gives women their due

An article by Colin Eatock in Houston Chronicle about the upcoming concert

,,,, But for La Donna Musicale’s music director, gambistLaury Gutiérrez, the music of female composers active in the baroque era has been a passion for 20 years. Her ensemble – which varies in size from about six to eight musicians, depending on the repertoire – has played more than 100 concerts in the U.S., Europe and South America. (Sunday’s concert will mark the group’s second appearance in Houston.)

“Women not only composed, but they composed well,” Gutiérrez says. “And I believe we have proved this with our concerts and CDs.”….

….During the past two decades, her search for centuries-old musical manuscripts has taken her to libraries and archives as far away as Paris and Prague. But, as she tells it, the real work begins once she finds what she’s looking for….

….. Her efforts on behalf of forgotten female composers have won encouraging support of both Harvard and Brandeis universities. But it’s through La Donna Musicale’s live performances that Gutierréz is most encouraged.

“People come to our concerts all the time and say, ‘I didn’t know that women composed music in the past. I’m so pleased by what you’re doing.'”