New Web Site of Houston Early Music

hem200.GIFWelcome to Houston Early Music’s new on-line look. We have changed from a traditional web site format to a newer web log (“blog“) style. We think this new format will allow us to offer more up-to-date, varied, and interesting information about both our concerts and early music throughout the Houston community.
The main features of the site are:
  • The Front Page welcomes you and features important announcements. You can always return to the Front Page by clicking the Houston Early Music banner at the top of all pages and articles. 
  • The side-bar menu on the Front Page links to other parts of the site and organizes the content in several ways.
  • Web Site pages contain unchanging information, such as the overview of programs our Current Season.
  •  Articles are frequently-posted items with news, updates, and background information on concerts. Articles appear in reverse order as they are posted (beginning with the most recent and going backwards); click on the All Articles link under “Web Site” in the side-bar menu to view them all.
  • You may also view articles by Category or Tags in the side-bar to find articles on particular topics.
  • Longer articles appear abbreviated; click (more…) or Read the rest of this entry for the entire article.
  • Articles covering the upcoming concert are always available by clicking the category Next Concert.
  • If you use a news reader such as Bloglinesor Internet Explorer to aggregate your blogs, you can subscribe to with the RSS feed link at the bottom of all pages.
Like other blogs you may be familiar with, we encourage reader feedback. You may leave comments by clicking the comments link or the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of most articles. (Your name will appear on the comment, but your email address will be kept private.) We encourage your thoughts and suggestions on our programs, as well as other discussion about early music, notice of early music events in the Houston area, and questions that other readers of the site may be able to answer. If you wish to initiate an article on a new topic, please email it to info@HoustonEarlyMusic and we will post it on your behalf.  We also encourage you to sign up for our email mailing listto directly receive concert announcements and significant news about Houston Early Music. We hope you enjoy our new site and find it even more useful and informative.