Free Family Concert

Saturday, May 12, 2007 at 11 am
The Ballad of Count Claros
Latham Hall, Christ Church Cathedral
1117 Texas

“Conde Claros” is a 15th century Spanish romanceros which tells the story of noble Count Claros who falls in love with the daughter of the king, the princess Clara Niña. She also loves him and they decide to marry each other in secret. A wicked servant learns of their marriage, and tells the king. When the king learns of it he is furious, and orders the arrest of Count Claros, who tries to flee, but he is captured at the gates of the city. All the court agrees on his punishment: death. The count is taken to the main square, where the scaffold is set up which will end his life. The people all come out to watch, but at the last minute the princess Clara Niña comes running to try to save her beloved’s life.

Ex Umbris presents this tale of love and betrayal with songs and dances heard in the streets of 16th century Spain, Children in the audience join in the singing and dancing. Singing in Spanish and English to the sound of the vihuela, harp, guitar, viol, recorder, flute, shawm, sackbut, and pipe and tabor, Ex Umbris evokes the musical richness of Renaissance Spain.