Program Selections for MIRIE IT IS

Mirie it is                                                             c.1225
Instrumental                                                        traditional Scottish tune
Edi beo þu hevene queenë                                  pre-1300
Ave celi regina virginum                                      14th century
Ave mundi rosa          
Estampie from Robertsbridge Codex                       c.1360
Ar ne kuth ich sorghe non                                    c.1270
Fuwëles in the frith                                              c.1270
Man mei longe him liues wene                             pre-1250
Bryd one brere                                                     c.1300
Solaris ardor romulis                                            mid-14th century
The hymns by St. Godric                                     c.1215
            Criƒt and ƒainte Marie
            Sainte Marie virgine
            Sainte Nicholaes
Worldes bliƒƒ, have god day                              c.1280
Virgo salvavit                                                      14th century
Stand wel moðer under rode (dialogue)              early and mid-14th century     
English dance                                                     arr. Kammen/Mealy
On Yooles night (carol)                                      mid-14th century
Stantipes (14th century dance tunes)                  arr. Mealy/Kammen
In secreit place—text by William Dunbar,          arr.  Kammen