Needed: Recorder builder in Houston

Posted by Michaela Langwieser Dear ladies and sirs, I live in Austria where  I have studied ancient music. During summer I am going to be in Houston (August) with my husband, who is from Houston. Last time we were there, it was very difficult for me to find information about concerts or workshops in that area. I would really appreciate it if you could send me some information about people that build recorders in and around Houston and whether there are concerts during that time. Or if you know about a good instrument-store. I would like to buy a tenor-recorder. very many thanks in advance Michaela Langwieser (direct replies to

New Web Site of Houston Early Music

hem200.GIFWelcome to Houston Early Music’s new on-line look. We have changed from a traditional web site format to a newer web log (“blog“) style. We think this new format will allow us to offer more up-to-date, varied, and interesting information about both our concerts and early music throughout the Houston community.
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Violin question

I have a violin labeled by Johann Christian Fiker mid 1700′s made in Neukirchen.  If by chance you have any information on this man or his violi it would be very helpful. Thank you for your time and trouble. Donald Standhardt