Program Notes for MIRIE IT IS

NOTES ON THE PROGRAM All medieval music is glimpsed from a great distance, but no repertory is so hard to see as that of  England in the middle ages. Where France had a tradition of lyric song that lasted long enough for thousands of songs to be enshrined in manuscripts, the music we have from England of the same period is scattered and faint: much was destroyed when the monasteries were taken over by the state in the Renaissance, and much more has suffered from the ravages of time. What has come down to us, though, speaks in astonishingly vivid voices. Continue reading

Program Selections for MIRIE IT IS

Mirie it is                                                             c.1225 Instrumental                                                        traditional Scottish tune Edi beo þu hevene queenë                                  pre-1300   Ave celi regina virginum                                      14th century Ave mundi rosa             Estampie from Robertsbridge Codex                       c.1360   Ar ne kuth ich sorghe non                                    c.1270 Fuwëles in the frith                                              c.1270 Man mei longe him liues wene                             pre-1250 Bryd one brere                                                     c.1300 Solaris ardor romulis                                            mid-14th century   The hymns by St. Godric                                     c.1215             Criƒt and ƒainte Marie             Sainte Marie virgine             Sainte Nicholaes   Worldes bliƒƒ, have god day                              c.1280 Virgo salvavit                                                      14th century   Stand wel moðer under rode (dialogue)              early and mid-14th century      English dance                                                     arr. Kammen/Mealy On Yooles night (carol)                                      mid-14th century   Stantipes (14th century dance tunes)                  arr. Mealy/Kammen In secreit place—text by William Dunbar,          arr.  Kammen     c.1460–c.1520

Program Notes for In Dulci Jubilo

Of all the holidays in our western culture, Christmas, more than any other, transcends its religious origins and implications.  It has become for almost all of us a time to celebrate; an opportunity to rejoice.  Thus it is not surprising that Christmas is the inspiration for an unequalled wealth of musical composition, both vocal and instrumental, secular and non-secular. This body of literature spans all periods of musical history, from the Middle Ages to the present.  The “spirit” of Christmas has become such a part of our lives, that the month of December sees easily twice as many concerts as any other month of the year, for the inherent festive quality of music-making has become synonymous with celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is in this “spirit” that we offer “IN DULCI JUBILO”, a concert of vocal and instrumental works from the 16th to 18th-centuries, some with obvious references to the Holiday, others with less direct connections, and one work (Concerto in D major) by Vivaldi , that has nothing at all to do with Christmas and with which we open our program. Continue reading

Program Selections for In Dulci Jubilo


7:30 pm, Tues., Dec.. 11, 2007 Christ Church Cathedral 1117 Texas Avenue

In Dulci Jubilo

Concerto in D major, RV 94                                Antonio Vivaldi 
Traditional Carols 
  "In Dulci Jubilo" 
  "Coventry Carol" 
  "Shepherds Shake off your drousy Sleep" 
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