Please Support Houston Early Music with your Generous Donation

Ticket purchase covers only a fraction of the costs of bringing early music performances to Houston. Your donation, in any amount, will enable us to continue to present the finest performances of early music. Please make your tax-deductible donation to Houston Early Music at one of our recommended support levels or in any amount you choose.

  • President’s Circle $10,000
  • Angel $5,000
  • Benefactor $1,000
  • Sponsor $500
  • Patron $100
  • Any amount of your choice, large or small, will be gratefully accepted

Donate Online

If you plan to donate at Benefactor or higher levels, please consider a donation by check, so that all of your donation works for Houston Early Music and avoids excessive credit card transaction fees.

Note on Credit Card Payments:

Houston Early Music uses PayPal to process credit card charges. PayPal is a safe, secure online payment service. You do NOT need a PayPal account; you will be given the option to pay with your regular credit card. 


Or send a check to

Houston Early Music
P.O. Box 271193
Houston TX 77277-1193

Include a Contribution with Single Ticket Purchase

When you purchase single tickets on our online ticket service, you will have the opportunity to help us present early music to Houston. Each level includes one concert admission and a tax deductible contribution. Our levels are

  • Assistant Presenter $50 (Includes $15 tax-deductible contribution)
  • Co-Presenter $75 (Includes $40 tax-deductible contribution)
  • Sustaining Presenter $100 (Includes $65 tax-deductible contribution)

We will send you an email documenting your contribution for tax purposes. There is no ticket service charge for “presenter” level purchases. 

Donations of Stock

Houston Early Music is able to accept direct donations of shares of publicly traded companies. Please email us with your interest and we will contact you with details.