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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.


  A Letter from HEM’s



Dear Friends and Early Music Lovers,


The current crush of a pandemic, racial injustices, global transgressions, and the aftermath of tragic events leave us without words and filled with uncertainty.


In every century, humanity suffers and survives crisis upon crisis. So too does humanity's reflection, found in the arts and music of each time period, suffer and survive.


Because of commitment to its mission, and after much deliberation, Houston Early Music is planning an Interlude Season 2020-21, postponing live performances of artists and ensembles until the following year.


In lieu of these live concerts next season, Houston Early Music will: 


  1. Continue its mission as a presenter by building and offering an online Information HUB for Early Music in Texas.*** 

  2. Schedule online performances of Early Music artists and ensembles from previous seasons for your listening pleasure between October and May.

  3. Publish our commemorative book 50 Years of Early Music, written by Rice Professor Emerita, Dr. Anne Schnoebelen. 

  4. Introduce a new HEM Blog exploring Early Music within a more global context this Interlude Season.

  5. Invite you to participate in "Transformational Opinion Polls" and play an integral part in the vision ahead for Season 2021-2022 and beyond.


We are all witnesses to history in the making, and our impact is reflected through our actions. As lovers of music from the Medieval through Early Classical eras, we also know the power and longevity that this great music holds.  On behalf of the Houston Early Music Board of Directors, many, many thanks for your profoundly generous donations that exceeded our Fiscal Year-End Goal of 10,000! 


It is especially, in times like these, that your support continues connecting us to the many seasons ahead of inspirational Early Music.


Thank you for your tremendous contributions, and may you be well and safe!


Deborah Dunham

Executive & Artistic Director

Houston Early Music

***Are you a Texas Early Music artist, organization, scholar, instrument or bow maker interested in being a part of our HEM HUB for Early Music Information in Texas? Please contact us at

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