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Houston Early Music brings you a BONUS Holiday Concert!

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University of Houston Chapel | Houston, TX
DEC. 12, 2021 @ 2:30pm




NOW MAKE WE  JOY! (Bonus Concert)

at University of Houston Chapel on

Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 2:30pm


A Renaissance Christmas concert featuring Istanpitta and the Kinder HSPVA Madrigal Singers. Join us for Madrigals, Musicke and Merriment, followed by Wassail and holiday treats!


The Performers


Istanpitta is a United States based ensemble performing music of the 10th to 14th century Middle Ages including many traditional Middle Eastern dance tunes. The ensemble consists of 3-5 musicians playing a variety of period instruments including oud, lute, saz, early percussion, shawms, recorders, transverse flutes, krummhorns, vielles, Medieval harp, bagpipes and voice. The ensemble performs live at formal concert venues, universities, and festivals.

Istanpitta was formed by Al Cofrin during the summer of 1994 as a means to perform interpretations of medieval dance music developed as part of a college thesis project at the University of Texas. Eventually the ensemble was performing regularly across the United States venues geared towards early music. The main core of the group comprises the use of the medieval lute, vielle, bagpipes, recorder, percussion and voice. Their performances present the music in a manner that medieval musicians (who were somewhat low on the social scale) might have played them when performing for their next meal as they traveled from place to place across Europe. This includes incorporating many Arabic styles that were possibly familiar to the medieval ear due to the occupation of southern Spain by the Moors from the 8th century through the 15th century and the interaction with Middle Eastern culture during the Crusades. The theory here is that these musicians, like modern day jazz players, would not have limited themselves to the written or learned version of a tune but would have modified it in ways to make it their own. Many times this was done accidentally because many musicians were illiterate, and variations of a dance or song were recalled differently from one performer to another. Istanpitta’s interpretations of these songs and dances are meant to represent not the static literary versions (the words and music most likely transcribed onto parchment by a monk or nun) but the dynamic historical reality of the musician in the field.


The Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts Madrigal Singers (Houston ISD) won First Place at the 2020 American Classic San Antonio Madrigal & Chamber Choir Festival and were named the 2021 Honor Choir.


Plan Your Visit


University of Houston Chapel

A.D Bruce Religion Center

3841 Cullen Blvd, 

Houston, TX 77004

UH Campus Map with Routes Highlighted.PNG


Click the map above

for a close-up  of the campus with A.D. Bruce Religion Center and the 13A Parking Lot clearly marked.


Click Here

for the COVID policy for UH Chapel. 

Houston Early Music, in a commitment to protecting the health and safety of our artists and audiences, is following Covid protocols outlined in the policy above. This document will be updated per show based on medical and public health advice and informed by the Covid policy & procedures set by the performance venue at the time of each concert. 


As is listed in the attached document,  MASKS ARE REQUIRED to be worn by all attendees, at all times, although the artists will be unmasked while performing.


 For those without, masks will be available at the box office table.



GPS, Google Maps, and Waze Address for Lot 13A Parking:


Houston, TX 77004


Event ParkingLot 13A is the GATED arm lot. (Be aware that there is a metered lot adjacent to the gated lot and you will have to pay if you park there.)


To access Lot 13A, please follow these instructions:

  • Entrance code:  3842#

  • Parking spaces that are marked RESERVED and/or are boxed in are reserved 24/7 and are subject to ticketing and or towing.

  • Exit Code:  3842#

Houston Early Music hopes to have a volunteer at the parking lot entrance to help with any parking issues and directions to the A.D. Bruce Religion Center where the UH Chapel is located. If you have further issues with parking on the day of the event, please call or text my cell phone at (832) 910-7061.


There are only a handful of Handicap Parking Spots in Lot 13A. Please be courteous and only use these spots if you have a handicap parking placard or plate.


As there are a finite number of parking spots in Lot 13A and it may fill up, you can also find metered parking next to and just north of Lot 13A. Meters on campus are 24/7, so please pay at the meter if this is where you park.


You may also park at these paid garages on campus:

  • University of Houston Stadium Garage on the first level (UH Stadium Garage Parking, 3874 Holman St, Houston, TX 77004) 

  • Welcome Center Garage on the third or fourth level (Hilton & Public Parking Garage, 4450 University Dr, Houston, TX 77204) 

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