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Nov. 20 - Nov. 29, 2020



Universal questions: How do we factor randomness into our lives? How does chance coincide with talent? 


Delight in the discoveries made in Severall Friends’ beautiful production of Le Roman de Fauvel.


F.A.U.V.E.L: Flattery, Avarice, Vileness, Varieté (fickleness), Envy, Lascheté (cowardice). These are the character traits of Fauvel, a Medieval hybrid creature, part human, part equine. 


He is the incongruous “hero” of an epic French satire, the Roman de Fauvel. Fauvel, despite his utter incompetence, rises to the heights of political influence with the aid of Lady Fortune and her vacuous daughter, Vainglory. Toadies rush to his side to “curry fauvel,” the original form of the term “curry favor” still in use today. 


This early critique of the abuse of power is razor sharp, appalling, and very funny. The fabulous early Fourteenth Century manuscript which preserves Fauvel includes thousands of lines of poetry, brilliant illustrations, and every kind of music, from drunken song-refrains to cutting-edge motets by Philippe de Vitry. 


Severall Friends’ performance is illuminated by images from and translations of French Medieval manuscripts. Performing are Drew Minter, voice and harp; Shira Kammen, Medieval fiddle; Mark Rimple, cittole and gittern; Mary Springfels, citole and vielle; Tracy Cowart, harp and voice; Spiff Wiegand, hurdy-gurdy and percussion. 

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